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Over the years we have been answering many questions that couples approach us with. We hope that this section will help answer some which you may have. If not please feel free contact Yvonne to discuss any topic with you.


I have no idea about the music for the ceremony, what can I do?

That is not a problem. As part of our package we provide a an email consultation form that you can use to choose your music. This consultation lists an extensive list of pieces for each area of the ceremony and will also advise you on where is most appropriate to put certain pieces. Our list is updated regularly and we welcome any special requests you may have, our only requirement is that we are able to source the sheet music for your requests. Couples in the past have found this an invaluable source of information and takes all the hassle of out of trying to figure out what music to have, what is appropriate to include in a church and where each piece is best suited for.

There is no organ in the church, does that matter?

Instruments in churches come in various different standards. We always need to come prepared to a wedding ceremony. Yvonne provides her own digital piano with a superb piano sound that also can be changed to a pipe organ sound if the piece requires it. Our singers will always have a professional mic system if they need it. The quality of sound is top of the range as we do not want our instruments to take away from the quality of our performance.

How do I know when to start walking up the aisle?

Before the service begins we will discuss with the photographer what he will do when the bride arrives at the church and when he is ready for the service to begin. The photographer usually walks up to the top of the church after he is happy with the photos he has and will give us the nod to start playing the processional piece of music.

Where will Wedding Music Duo be performing from in the church?

We can only answer this question when we arrive at the church. If there is a balcony this is usually the best place as the sound will travel through every corner of the church. However the majority of churches do not have a balcony so we usually set up at the front of the church which will be most advantageous for the sound. But most importantly we will set up where there is sufficient room and where we do not block any of your guests or the wedding party itself.

Will there be music before the ceremony starts?

Yes. Yvonne will start playing a selection of pieces on the piano from the time the first guest arrives. This creates a beautiful atmosphere and is the perfect introduction to the rest of the ceremony.

How far in advance do you need to be booked?

That is a difficult one as some dates are more popular than others. The best thing we can do is if you are thinking of booking us for your wedding day then please contact us and we can provisionally hold any free dates for you. If we receive another enquiry for that date we will then contact you to see if you wish to go ahead with the booking or if you have found an alternative. The date will only be reserved after a deposit is received.

Do brides still walk up the aisle to “Here Comes The Bride”?

Yes and no! The traditional entrance is used on occasion but the majority of brides will be interested in hearing other options. A popular choice is Pachebel’s Canon. However if you have a singer then some of our most requested entrance pieces are “Nella Fantasia”, “A Thousand Years”, “Viva Tonight”, “Cinema Paradiso”. One of our favourite entrance pieces is Kenny G’s, “The Wedding Song” which is truly memorable when performed on piano and soprano saxophone, which is an option we can add to any package.

My best friend has a beautiful voice and I would like her to sing one song during the ceremony, is this possible?

Absolutely. We often have relatives or friends who have a beautiful voice, sing either with us or sing a solo on their own. It also makes the ceremony more special to have someone close to you singing a song for you. We can meet up with them before the day to rehearse or simply on the day if they are used to performing with an accompanist. It works very well.

Is it possible to have another instrument involved in the ceremony, eg cello, flute, saxophone?

The addition of a third instrument creates endless possibilities for pieces. It opens up a whole new repertoire and adds another dimension to pieces already in our repertoire. eg We can perform Pachebel’s Canon as a piano/organ solo but if there is a violin or a cello, it makes is even more beautiful as it is originally a piece for strings. It is also beautiful to add in an unaccompanied piece for whatever instrument is involved to create more variety in the ceremony. One of our favourite instruments in the soprano saxophone, probably because there are a handful of people in the country who can play one! And one of our most loved pieces is Kenny G’s, “The Wedding Song”. There are endless possibilities for the addition of a third instrument but do be aware that there will also be an additional cost, starting from around €150 and upwards. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

We are getting married in a church. Do we have to have religious music?

When you are getting married within the church you do need to respect the fact that it is a religious ceremony and certain songs and pieces will not be acceptable. However the songs do not all have to be religious, but they do have to be appropriate. When walking up the aisle there is more choice available but for areas such as the psalm, and acclamations you must choose from appropriate sources. For the lighting of the candles and communion we have performed standard classical pieces along with songs such as “One Hand, One Heart”, “The Road That Never Ends” and for communion we have performed “The Fields of Gold” and “You Raise Me Up”. During the signing of the register, you must remember that the mass has now finished so this is an opportunity to have anything you want, and also for the Recessional, walking down the aisle. The most important thing to remember is that the priest must be happy with your choice of songs and pieces. Our email consultation will provide you with a list of your song choices which can be presented to your priest to ensure he is happy with everything. Over the years we have built up an extensive repertoire and we are very knowledgeable about what pieces will work and we feel this is an invaluable part of our package.

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