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 Wedding Ceremony – (Pianist)

Our standard package is for the ceremony alone. This begins with a consultation to choose the music for each area of the ceremony. Advice is given on where specific pieces are most suitably placed in a ceremony. On the day Yvonne has her own digital piano which can be used either by itself or with the organ in the church and will entertain the guests as they arrive with a selection of light piano solos.

from €200


Wedding Ceremony – (Pianist & Singer / Instrumentalist)

This package begins with a consultation via phone and/or email to choose the music. On the day Yvonne will begin playing as the guests arrive and there is no limit to the amount of pieces performed during the ceremony. All equipment is provided including a digital piano which can be used in combination with the church organ if required.

€370 – €500  (2 musicians)


Ceremony & Drinks Reception

Our next package available includes music for the ceremony and drinks reception. Following the ceremony we travel to the hotel and perform a mixture of light jazz and swing classics, perfect for background music and adds to the ambiance of the day. This package works best with pianist.We transfer our equipment from the church to the hotel after the ceremony and are usually set up in time to begin playing as the first guests arrive. We will continue playing until you are called for the meal. This usually lasts for approximately 1 1/2  to 2 hours.

from €125  for pianist only when booked with the ceremony.


Drinks Reception Only

Our Drinks Reception Package creates a beautiful atmosphere of easy listening  music at the hotel as described  above but without the church ceremony.This includes both singer and pianist. Nicola is our drinks reception specialist and has extensive experience in this area. The combination of voice and piano works so well here.

€400  (Singer & Pianist)

€200  (Pianist only)


Combination Packages

Each of the above packages can consist of more than one instrument/singer which will create a deeper musical experience. In general each musicians will cost between €150 and €225. Please contact Yvonne for advice and quotes.

As our musicians are based all around the South East travel charges may apply if travel is more than an hour from their homeplace.

We provide music for both Catholic and Church Of Ireland Ceremonies.



“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed but my soul.”

Judy Garland

  • Yvonne Collier
  • Chloe Kenny
  • Denise Brennan
  • Nicola Harding
  • Roisin O Grady
  • Regina Hanley
  • Caroline Reid O\'Brien
  • Brona Colfer - Cellist
  • Emily Redmond - Violin

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Enquiry Form

Yvonne Collier – Piano

Yvonne Collier – Piano

Chloe Kenny

Chloe Kenny Singer

Denise Brennan

Denise Brennan

Nicola Harding

Nicola Harding

Roisin O Grady

Roisin O'Grady

Regina Hanley

Regina Hanley

Caroline Reid O’Brien

Caroline Reid O'Brien Singer