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Ave Maria – Beyonce Lyrics are highly sought for weddings throughout the South East of Ireland. Regina Hanley performs this piece beautifully with Wedding Music Duo pianist Yvonne Collier.

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Lyrics for “Ave Maria”

“Ave Maria”

She was lost in so many different ways
Out in the darkness with no guide.
I know the cost of a losing hand there
But for the grace of God, oh I…

I found heaven on earth
You are my last, my first
And then i hear this voice inside…
Ave Maria

I’ve been alone when I’m surrounded by friends
How could the silence be so loud?
But I still go home knowing that I’ve got you
There’s only us when the lights go down

You are my heaven on earth
You are my hunger, my thirst
I always hear this voice inside…
Singing Ave Maria

Sometimes love can come and pass you by
While you’re busy making plans.
Suddenly hits you, and then you realize
It’s out of your hands…
Baby, you’ve got to understand

You are my heaven on earth
You are my last, my first
And then I hear this voice inside…
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Ave Maria


  • Our range of vocalists and instrumentalists can tailor music to suit your day.
  • We have carefully selected some of the best vocalists through out the country ensuring ‘piece of mind’ in knowing that your music will be perfect for your day.

A sample range of pieces sung by:

Regina Hanleywedding%20writing

Nella Fantasia
Laudaute Dominum
Hawaiian Wedding Song
We’ve Only Just Begun
Deep Peace


Your day is our day to present music tailored to your heart, read what some of our ‘love hearts’ have to say about WeddingMusicDuo.

Sheet music can be got at Musicnotes.com



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  • Regina Hanley
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  • Brona Colfer - Cellist
  • Emily Redmond - Violin

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